20 Year Anniversary

OCS Consulting BV celebrates its 20 year anniversary

’S-HERTOGENBOSCH, 20 juni, 2018 – This month, OCS Consulting BV celebrates its 20th anniversary. A milestone in any company’s history and one OCS is particularly proud of. It is also an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on what makes OCS the company it is today. 

The first successes were assignments in the pharmaceutical sector, recalls General Manager Yves Poriau who having worked for the parent company OCS Consulting plc in the UK, established the Dutch company in 1998. “At the time, our focus was on SAS software from the SAS Institute and specifically  SAS data warehouse requests from clients to collect  data for clinical studies from various data sources. Twenty years on some of these clients are still working with us, of which we are very proud. We work very closely with organisations to help them achieve their goals and aspirations which is the common thread in our approach and what makes our work so inspiring.” During this period OCS undertook a number of projects in Switzerland for various clients and opened a branch office in Geneva in 2006. Another important milestone was the acquisition of a Biometric Support company in 2008.

Knowledge and insights

OCS Consulting BV now employs nearly 65 people, of whom 55 are certified consultants within their specialisms and Poriau still sees many growth opportunities. “The ability to convert data into knowledge and insights is of great strategic importance to organisations and we tailor our services to meet these demands from our clients. We are for example working with a financial service provider to predict the best pick-up times for cash transport. These kinds of challenges are extremely interesting. More and more often, we work with clients who are addressing analytical needs across business functions and operational domains. As a result we regularly operate in other European countries.”

Collaboration with SAS Institute

Poriau values client relationships that are based on trust, quality and continuity. This also applies to the partnership with SAS Institute. OCS became a Quality Partner of this market leader in business intelligence and analytics software in 1998 and entered a Reseller Partnership in 2008. Today, OCS is a SAS Gold Partner on a global level. “SAS offers a wide range of innovative analytics applications that are leading the way for the future. Because of our close partnership, we are well versed in meeting challenges such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud analytics. This allows us to meet the increasingly complex demands of our existing and new clients.”


Success today is about service and our people are key. A motivated and committed team is essential to delivering quality work. Poriau expands further, “we originally started as IT consultants and have acquired more and more domain knowledge in addition to our understanding of the SAS Business Intelligence platform. From day one we have invested in training and development and our people are dedicated to discovering new things. The only constraint on growth is the shortage of skills in the labour market. To address this we have created our own traineeships for career starters and entrants to the industry. A valuable addition because these young people continuously bring new energy, ideas and perspectives.”

About OCS Consulting BV

OCS Consulting BV is a market leader in SAS consulting within the Netherlands. The Dutch office is the group’s centre of excellence for SAS data analytics and business intelligence with strength in the financial, life sciences, retail, utilities, transport and government sectors. OCS supports its clients with specialist services in data science, business intelligence, (bio)statistics and statistical programming. In many cases, OCS takes responsibility for the installation and configuration, implementation and administration of the SAS environments. Since 2008, OCS is a SAS Reseller Partner for all official SAS software licenses. This is a unique proposition as it delivers all services necessary to get the best out of the SAS platform. OCS Consulting BV is a SAS Gold Partner and a CDISC Gold Member.