About OCS

History – Where it all started OCS Consulting, established in 1984, initially started as a one-man operation, flourished into an independent IT consultancy with over 100 full-time permanent staff in the UK, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Our first offices were founded in London, which remains our Headquarters. As a staff based organisation our strength has always been our people. We believe a motivated and committed team are essential for delivering quality customer service.

As a proven IT service provider, OCS offers on-site staff secondment, consultancy, managed projects and a full range of application and infrastructure support services. In a rapidly-changing Information Technology industry OCS developed credentials and expertise in Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing and development technologies such as JavaMicrosoft, SASBusiness Intelligence and legacy tools.

OCS delivers its services to both large corporates and SMBs priding itself on quality, flexibility, accountability and delivery of fit for purpose solutions which are recognised by many of our clients who find OCS a trusted partner when it comes to meeting new business challenges.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with both staff and clients with a focus on flexibility and responsiveness. The results of OCS’ philosophy is evidenced by a customer repeat business rates exceeding 90% and long staff tenure. Our values and ethics have not been changed since 1984.

OCS Consulting B.V.
In 1998, OCS Consulting expanded with offices in The Netherlands: OCS Consulting B.V. The Dutch offices started as an independent SAS Consultancy to serve clients all across Europe. OCS Consulting B.V. is the group’s center of excellence for data analytics and business intelligence with strength in the Life Science and Financial Service sectors. In October 2016, OCS Consulting has officially reached the SAS Gold-partner status and is now the first and only SAS Gold-partner within the Netherlands. In February 2017, OCS Consulting was the first partner in Europe and second in the world to earn all major SAS Competency Badges. This means we are having credentialed consultants in all six tracks – Sales, Technical Sales, Programming, Installation and Configuration, Implementation, and Administration – in a particular competency category (Analytics, Data Management, and Visualisation).


30 years of making IT happen
Recently, together with all of our offices, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary and created an infographic that reflects OCS Consulting in one glance! Please take a look at Anniversary website and our infographic.