Artificial Intelligence

Ancient technology develops into ‘The Next Big Thing’
By Richard Paterson

Having been employed in the IT industry for 25 years, I have seen many ‘Next Big Things’. Brand new ideas that will change our lives for the better. Many of these technologies have been around for a while and then suddenly become hot.

Take Artificial Intelligence for instance, dreamed up over 50 years ago. So why now the increased focus from the main industry players? Well like most technologies, it’s a combination of technologies by which the sum of the whole is far greater than the individual parts – and timing. In the case of AI, the huge increase in interconnected devices (internet of things), the resultant proliferation of data (big data) and the increased computing power for analysis (cloud computing) have created an infrastructure capable of executing AI. However, it’s not solely a technology question. Although smart systems can help us run our lives, the ultimate trust is to allow these systems to make decisions on our behalf. A leap of trust needs to be taken. And it appears now is the right time. We humans are becoming more confident in machines and the information they provide. Everyday examples are the recommendations engines used on most commercial websites and the increased trust in self-driving vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad subject that includes multiple technologies including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing. By using these technologies, AI attempts to solve real world problems in real time, practically and efficiently. In short, AI allows a computer or machine to reason and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. See the recommended articles below for real life examples of AI in practice.

It is clear that AI will be the most disruptive technologic force the coming years with the market predicted to grow twice as fast as other areas: Amazon, Facebook and Google have already shown the technology’s potential competitive edge. Even small companies have shown how AI can significantly improve their customer relationship. Finally, the link below lets you find out how SAS can help with the execution of AI projects.

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