CDISC SDTM Mapping Engine

OCS Life Sciences has developed a new solution called the CDISC SDTM Mapping Engine. Bas van Bakel, one of our CDISC experts, has presented this solution at the 2016 PhUSE Annual Conference 2016 in Barcelona and the solution has been implemented successfully at a number of top 10 global pharma companies since.

The SDTM Mapping Engine significantly reduces the time and effort required not only to perform, but also to document the conversion of raw or legacy data sources to valid SDTM data structures.

On 29 June 2017 we have presented this solution in a webinar. In case you missed it or want to hear the presentation again, the recordings are available on our YouTube channel. You can also download the paper.


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Author Name: Bas van Bakel
Company: OCS Consulting – OCS Life Sciences
Address: Ruwekampweg 2G
City / Postcode: ‘s-Hertogenbosch / 5222 AT
Work Phone: +31 (0)73 523 6000

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