Fatima Kassim

My name is Fatima Kassim, I am 24 years old and one of the most recent joiners of the OCS Life Sciences Boot Camp. Currently I live in Tilburg, but I hope to find a place in Utrecht and/or surroundings. I recently completed my MSc in Drug Innovation at Utrecht University in March 2017 after obtaining my BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Utrecht University in 2014. After completing my study I was looking to expand outwards and step out of lab research and into a new challenge.

In my spare time, I like to play tennis, hike, puzzle (Sudoku and Kakuro), read and watch thrillers and of course spend time with my family and friends.

Why do I attend the OCS Life Sciences Boot Camp?

During my thesis, I was working a lot with data reports on medicines and found that to be very interesting. After finishing my thesis, I continued to look for possibilities to expand my knowledge on data analysis and did a workshop data analysis at the Ministry of Finance. From then onwards, I was specifically looking for opportunities to continue in this field as it offered me a chance to learn new skills and apply them in a diverse and challenging setting.

What do I think of the OCS Life Sciences Boot Camp?

In the first four weeks of the OCS Life Sciences Boot Camp, I have been busy learning the basic concepts and options possible in SAS. I especially appreciate the presence of my fellow colleagues (Maud and Louella) who started with me on this journey. And of course, the help that was offered by many of you here at the office, thank you for that. I have recently obtained my SAS Base certificate and I am looking forward to applying my knowledge in projects. So far, this is a great experience!