Service Offerings

Primary Objective


“To provide a cost effective technical support service for the clients’ SAS environment, in balance with the value of the SAS environment for the organisation”

Service Level Agreement

Location of the services

  • Services are mainly delivered remote
  • Periodic on-site support


Single Point of Contact ‘SPoC’ to SAS Institute

  • Deficiencies or errors identified in the software reported and logged to SAS on behalf of the client
  • Monitor progress
  • Ensure appropriate priority at SAS

Service desk

  • 08:30 – 17:00 GMT+1
    Monday to Friday (except Dutch public holidays)
  • Phone: +31736236000
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
1< 1 hour< 4 hours
2< 2 hours< 1 working day
3< 1 working dayTo be scheduled
4< 3 working daysTo be scheduled
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Main Components

SAS environment support

  • Fixed annual fee
  • Dedicated service team within office hours
  • Ensure availability & stability of the SAS environment
  • Resolving system failures is included in service
  • Mutual interest in reducing system failure to a minimum

SAS environment enhancement

  • Annual budget
  • Leveraging skill and knowledge of the OCS service team
  • “Project type” activities
  • Client authorises and prioritises activities

SAS Environment Support Tasks

The following tasks can be included in the service, depending on the value of the SAS environment for the organisation.

Daily activities:

  • Monitor SAS services
  • Maintenance jobs
  • Resources check
  • Resolve problems
  • Maintain security

Weekly activities:

  • Report summarised status to stakeholders
  • Check for hotfixes & announcements
  • Planned Maintenance jobs

Monthly activities:

  • Restart SAS servers
  • Perform Health Check
  • Operating system patching
  • Create Progress Report

Quarterly activities:

  • Report summarised status to Stakeholders
  • Review & maintain the security policies
  • Tactical meeting and preparation
  • Create Service Level Report

Half-yearly activities:

  • Create Hotfix report and Install hotfixes
  • Version advice and management

Yearly activities:

  • Change passwords & encryption passphrases (& impacted items)
  • Update SSL certificates (when applicable)
  • Test Disaster & Recovery
  • Update SAS license
  • Strategic meeting and preparation

SAS Environment Enhancement

Out-of-scope enhancement services, e.g.

Implementation of authorisation maintenance and security

Version maintenance (maintenance release update or SAS version update)

Support with release management

Performance tuning

Monthly meeting on-site with the key users

Functional support

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