Staff Availability

With over 20 years, we’re experienced in all phases of clinical trials in a multitude of therapeutic areas. Our services may be delivered as a resourcing solution in which our consultants provide support for a given period of time either on-site or off-site, or in the form of a project where OCS Life Sciences takes responsibility of delivering the end product. We are able to undertake both long and short term assignments including part-time work.

Below is a brief overview of our staff availability, if you would like to see a full profile please contact Melanie Schopp.

Statistician / Statistical Programmer, PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology, MSc in Animal Sciences
An experienced epidemiologist (PhD) and statistical programmer with a keen interest in biostatistics. Our consultant has more than 12 years of working experience obtained in both academia and industry, and has (co-)authored nearly 30 scientific publications. He is proficient in SAS and has recently obtained his certifications for SAS Base Programmer, SAS Clinical Trials Programmer, and SAS Statistical Business Analyst. During his years in academia he has lectured both introductory and advanced statistical courses and is therefore able to explain complex statistical theory to both experts and novices. Recently he has participated in a course on CDISC SDTM implementation. 

Statistical Programmer, PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology, MSc in Nutritional and Public Health Epidemiology
A recent PhD graduate in Human Nutrition and Epidemiology. She enjoys challenges, and has adopted a systematic and structured way of working to solve these. She takes initiatives and works well in a team as well as independently. During her participation in the OCS Life Sciences Boot Camp she obtained her certificate for SAS Base Programmer. Most recent project exposure includes the statistical reporting of a Phase II clinical trial and the development of KPI dashboards for clinical data management.

Statistician / Statistical Programmer, PhD in Medicine, MSc in Biomedical Science, BSc in Molecular Biology
A dedicated professional with 18 years of scientific experience who has recently made a successful switch to consultancy and industry.  In compliance with her career focus on life science and clinical trials she has obtained certificates for SAS Base Programmer, SAS Advanced Programmer, and CDISC SDTM and ADaM. In her most recent project she has taken on the roles of statistical programmer (creation SDTM datasets and clinical reports) and statistician. Before joining OCS Life Sciences her focus was on genetics which required her to handle large datasets, and which is also the topic of the majority of her nearly 25 scientific publications.

Statistical Programmer / Project Lead, MSc in Astronomy and Science-Based Business, BSc in Physics with Astrophysics
One of our young professionals with 2 years of experience in life sciences. Most recent project experience includes the development of a clinical data warehouse with a focus on the SDTM domain for Vital Signs, and a key role in the reporting and analysis of a Phase II clinical trial. Former experience in project management and organisation has helped him to shift into the role of project lead. In this latter role he has successfully taken all client communication upon him, as well as the distribution of work across a team of three statistical programmers. A next role might be either in a programming position, a project management position, or a hybrid of both.

Junior SAS Consultant, MSc in Economics and Business Economics, BSc in Economics and Business Economics
A hard working and ambitious young professional with a can-do attitude and a passion for data and problem solving. He has obtained both the SAS Base Programming certificate and the SAS Visual Analytics certificate and has delivered excellent pre-sales support by building a comprehensive SAS Visual Analytics dashboard which he presented to the client. In short: A business consultant able to gather requirements, prepare and process the data and present the results in SAS Visual Analytics.