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Nutricia Research renews preferred partnership contract with OCS Consulting

Nutricia Research, the worldwide R&D organisation behind Danone’s Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition divisions, continues its strategic collaboration with OCS Consulting for data analysis and statistical services. By signing a preferred partnership with OCS’ specialised Biometric Support Services business unit, the company can now rely on OCS for flexible resourcing for projects and covering peaks in workload and temporary need for specific skills. ‘Thanks to this collaboration, we have a ready supply of people with the right experience in terms of clinical data and biomedical research. This enables us to deliver responses and results fast, utilising the best possible team to provide scientific underpinning for products and innovations,’ says Paul Vervuren, Team Leader of Biostatistics & Statistical Programming at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition.

Products for a better and healthier life

The Utrecht-based innovation centre is one of Danone’s main research centres. It conducts innovative research on the role of nutrition, as part of which it develops specific, scientifically underpinned nutritional concepts. This work is supported by clinical studies, as well as through the centre’s collaboration with scientific institutes and healthcare professionals around the globe. ‘The consultants from OCS help us in many ways, such as in gathering, expanding, and analysing reliable data and contributing to reports and publications. The collaboration started in 2010 and was renewed as a preferred partnership in 2013. It brings significant advantages, as OCS understands our software, has experience with biomedical research, and affinity with our data. Not just that, but since we know each other so well, OCS consultants start working with our teams right away, as if they were internal employees.’

New initiatives

The driving force behind the Nutricia Research biometrics team is its eagerness to continually expand and develop processes, knowledge, and methods that boost efficiency and quality, and stimulate new innovations in nutrition. In addition to this, the team is committed to strengthening the profession – an endeavour they wish to achieve through activities aimed at raising awareness and on boarding of specialised professionals. ‘The consultants from OCS brainstorm with us and contribute enthusiastically to new ideas and initiatives. For example, we have organised workshops and training sessions for the general public on themes such as the CDISC standard for clinical data and ODS graphics in SAS. Both have received positive feedback and will definitely be continued.’

Nutricia Research

With a team of 1,850 employees in the Netherlands and 100,000 employees worldwide, Danone is committed to using nutrition as a means of improving the health of as many people as possible around the world. Nutricia Research,, is the global R&D organisation behind Danone’s Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition divisions. The research centre accelerates innovation in the field of nutritional products for people with specific nutritional requirements, ranging from pregnant women, young mothers and young children to elderly people and specific patient populations in all age categories.

OCS Consulting

OCS Consulting is one of the market leaders in SAS consultancy in the Netherlands. Offering specialised services for data analysis and reporting, business intelligence, data management, and data integration, OCS has been supporting clients in sectors such as life sciences, financial services, retail, and government since its inception in 1998. For more information, please visit www.ocs‑

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