Managed Services

Managed Services for SAS® products and solutions

Your organisation works with SAS software to get more information out of your data and to take faster and better decisions. Therefore, it is necessary that your SAS environment is stable and that disruptions are solved quickly or can even be prevented. OCS Consulting has a specialised team of Service Desk consultants to support and unburden you with all your questions regarding your SAS environment.
The foundations of our Managed Services are stability, continuity, safety, performance and quality. In order to realise these assumptions, our support model covers the following six areas:

  1. Remote support – to solve issues
  2. SPoC – Single Point of Contact to SAS Institute
  3. Maintenance – Pro-active maintenance on your environment
  4. SLA – Reaction- and response time
  5. Proactive support – Impact analysis & application of patches or hotfixes
  6. On site – Fully understand your IT architecture & optimise support

We offer these Managed Services in three packages:

  • Basic
  • Extended
  • Premium

Alternatively, if you have a large, complex SAS environment and/or SAS solution, we would like to suggest a bespoke offering. This custom package will be based on the six support areas and tailored to your needs, resources and knowledge of your employees.

Managed Services Packages

Our Managed Services packages consist of the following components:

* The health check is superseded by the more extensive Maintenance service in the Extended and Premium packages.

Access to service desk
You can report an incident, ask a question or send your request about the technical use of SAS through our client portal 24/7.

Version advice and version management
You will receive an overview of hotfixes and new versions of SAS twice a year. OCS Consulting will assay the modules you use from your license and inform you before the license will expire. After renewing the license OCS Consulting will ensure that the license key is installed at your site.

Single Point of Contact ‘SPoC’ to SAS Institute
If deficiencies or errors are identified in the software, OCS Consulting will report and log them on the SAS portal for the client. OCS Consulting will be responsible for the progress and ensures that the call gets the attention it needs based on the assigned priority.

Periodic health check
On a regular basis OCS Consulting will perform the following actions and report the findings to you:

  • Analyse logs, investigate anomalies and initiate actions.
  • Start, stop and re-start the software processes when required.

Reaction- and response time
With this service the reaction time and the start with the solution time are captured, depending on the priority of a call. In the table below, the reaction time and the start with the solution time are shown in relation to the priority of registered calls.

The performance and availability of the environment is important for clients. The maintenance service supersedes the periodic health check and includes proactive steps to assess the status of the environment and to look for matters that may affect availability and/or performance (consisting of automated and manual steps).

Reports on calls and resolution times
You get an overview of the incidents and hours (consultancy credits) and their status on a regular base.

Authorisation and security administration
OCS Consulting will handle the authorisation and security of your SAS environment, amongst other things this will include the following tasks:

  • Managing and updating the authorisation scheme (in consultation with the client).
  • Based on the authorisation scheme, OCS creates or modify users and assigns and changes the rights of users.

Impact analysis and application of patches and hotfixes
OCS Consulting will conduct an impact analysis in order to install the alert hotfixes. A hotfix analysis will be carried out two times a year, after which the necessary patches will be rolled out, after the approval of the client, on up to two environments.

On-site technical support
In order to fully understand your IT architecture & optimise support, OCS Consulting provides on-site support. On-site support presence will be used to align standpoints, answer questions, and to provide explanations and general advice.

Consultancy credits
You buy a number of consultancy days per year to use for application consultancy. This covers small adjustments and maintenance concerning an application or solution in use.


For more information about our Managed Services offerings, please contact us via e-mail or call +31735236000.

Ask for Michael Gomes.