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We are delighted to share two SAS projects that we have executed for DSW Zorgverzekeraar (DSW), a Schiedam-based health insurer – the Upgrade of their SAS Analytics platform and the Migration from SAS Viya 3.5 to an on-premises Cloud technology based SAS Viya solution.

Upgrade of DSW SAS Analytics Platform:
The project involved upgrading three independent SAS 9.4 platforms to the latest maintenance release (M8) on Windows Servers. These complex platforms feature multi-tiered environments for development, testing, and production, requiring careful migration of metadata, including security settings, servers, and folders.

Here's how OCS delivered a speedy and successful upgrade of the SAS environments:

Phased Approach:
Rapid Deployment:
Rigorous Testing:

The project kicked off with a thorough gathering of pre-requisites, ensuring a smooth transition.
Following the planning stage, OCS installed, configured, and migrated each platform within the agreed timeframe.
DSW's data and analysis team meticulously tested and validated the upgraded environments to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

Migration from SAS Viya 3.5 to on-premises Cloud technology based SAS Viya solution:
DSW have opted to use an on-premises Kubernetes cluster to deploy the latest SAS Viya version, instead of in the cloud. SAS Viya is a cloud-based, in-memory analytics engine offering a wide range of capabilities, including data management, analytics, and reporting. Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration platform, automates the deployment, scaling, and operation of cloud-native applications across a cluster of hosts.

The deployment process included:

  • Architectural Design/ Recommendations,
  • Providing a Pre-requisites document,
  • Deploying SAS Viya along with the post deployment steps and customisations as per client requirements,
  • Validation,
  • Monitoring and Logging tools setup,
  • Documentation.

After this migration, DSW noticed improved performance of the SAS Visual Analytics reports and now experiences the Flexibility, Scalability and Resilience that SAS Viya on Kubernetes provides.

The outcome? A significantly enhanced analytics platform!
With these successful projects our team demonstrated expertise in deploying complex SAS environments and our commitment to delivering exceptional service.