PhUSE Annual Conference 2017 – Digital Innovations in Healthcare – Edinburgh, Scotland


Mapping Of Gastrointestinal Tolerance Data To SDTM – Lieke Gijsbers

A User Interface To Your SAS Programs – Hailemichael Worku

Comparing 6 Techniques To Do Data Driven Programming – Joris Derks

A Real-Life Experience On The Challenge Called Genetics – Sigrid Fouchier









PhUSE Annual Conference 2016 – Fast Track to Approval: Speed and Efficiency – Barcelona, Spain


DIY: Create your own SDTM mapping framework – Bas van Bakel

How to effectively deal with hardcoding and CDISC Controlled Terminology in clinical studies – Lennert van der Zee

The hardships of finding your way in biometrics – Evi Creebsburg









PhUSE Annual Conference 2015 – Clinical Data Science: From Data to Knowledge – Vienna, Austria


The Data Listing Facility: Data is Just a Few Clicks Away – Luigi De Vittorio

ODS DOCUMENT: A Practical Example – Ruurd Bennink

Detecting Irregularities in Electronic Patient-reported Data – John van Bemmelen

Developing Annotated CRFs: SAS, Excel and Patience as your Friends – Ilias Pyrnokokis









PhUSE Annual Conference 2014 – Data Transparency – London, United Kingdom


Call Execute: Let Your Program Run Your Macro – Artur Usov

Using SAS Arrays – Ruurd Bennink

Cost-Effectiveness in Hospitals Using SAS – Ilias Pyrnokokis

Lessons Learned by Comparing “using SAS” as and Epidemiological Researcher and “using SAS” as a Statistical Programmer – Saskia van de Schans









PhUSE Annual Conference 2013 – Patient Centricity – Brussels, Belgium


The Dynamic Cube Viewer-OLAP Made Easy – Raymond Ebben

Importing OpenClinical Data in SAS: It’s Possible! – Our Experiences – Jules van der Zalm

Economic Evaluation in Clinical Trials. You Can Do it with SAS – Artur Usov









PhUSE Annual Conference 2012 – Conference 2.0: From Attending to Collaborating – Budapest, Hungary


SAS 9.3 Migration – A Project Experience – Jules van der Zalm & Raymond Ebben

Changing SAS Discipline into the Life Science Sector – Chris Gibby

Using the Latest ODS Features in SAS 9.2 – Chris Gibby

Time Series Modeling of Vaccine Efficiency using a JMP10 Add-in – Robert Eric Huisden









PhUSE Annual Conference 2011 – Open Standards and Global Collaboration – Brighton, United Kingdom


Comparing dataset metadata – Jim Groeneveld

JMP Clinical for the Exploration of Legacy Vaccine Trials – Robert Eric Huisden

Embedding equivalence t-test results in Bland Altman Plots visualising rater reliability – Jim Groeneveld









PhUSE Annual Conference 2010 – Innovation Driven by Technology – Berlin, Germany


Analysis software in.NET and SAS – Jules van der Zalm

Exploratory Data Analysis in Pharmacogenomics Using SAS JMP and Windows WF Workflows – Robert Eric Huisden

Updating an MS SQL database from SAS – Jim Groeneveld

APPEND, EXECUTE and MACRO – Jim Groeneveld

PROC TRANSPOSE for Better Listings View – Jules van der Zalm









PhUSE Annual Conference 2009 – Accelerating Clinical Development – Basel, Switzerland


(Inter)facing SAS – Raymond Ebben

Experiences and lessons learned from a first SDTM submission project – Bas van Bakel

PROC TRANSPOSE for Better Listing View – Jules van der Zalm









PhUSE Annual Conference 2008 – Manchester, United Kingdom


Using SAS Enterprise Guide Add-In to Enable Guided Statistics – Bas van Bakel

Creating adverse event tables using PROC SQL – Berber Snoeijer

SAS macro %COUNT – Jim Groeneveld

Validation of Clinical Output: More Quality with Less Effort – Jules van der Zalm

XML by eXaMpLe – Raymond Ebben









PhUSE Annual Conference 2007 – Lisbon, Portugal


Web-enabling the Pharmaceutical sector – Raymond Ebben & Jules van der Zalm

Method Validation in a PAT Environment using a SAS EG Addin – Robert Eric Huisden

Web techniques for SAS ODS output and more – Jules van der Zalm

Improving maintenance and performance of SQL queries – Bas van Bakel & Rick Pagie

The value of metadata – Bas van Bakel









PhUSE Annual Conference 2006 – Dublin, Ireland


Using the SAS Information Delivery Portal in the Pharmaceutical Sector – Raymond Ebben

Sorting by formatted values – Jim Groeneveld

Interfering with Data Management by the Statistician – Jim Groeneveld

SAS macro validation criteria – Jim Groeneveld






PhUSE Annual Conference 2005 – Heidelberg, Germany


Migration of a flexible reporting system from SAS 6.12 to SAS 9.1.3 – A project experience – Raymond Ebben