OCS Life Sciences Traineeship

The OCS Life Sciences Traineeship is a great way to jumpstart your professional career!

At OCS, we decided to create an OCS Life Sciences Traineeship. The key objective is for new career starters or new entrants to the Life Science industry to quickly become familiar with all aspects of Clinical Trial Reporting and Data Analysis. The measure of success during part I is to obtain Certification in SAS Base Programming. During the hands-on part II of the Traineeship, the theoretical knowledge is put into practice for the tabulation and reporting of real life clinical trial data. Part II further includes a classroom training to introduce the CDISC standards.

Two months of intensive training
Month 1: Self-paced learning, coached by experts in the field.
Month 2: Get hands-on practice with the tabulation and reporting of real clinical study data. Attend a classroom training to introduce the CDISC SDTM standards.

Success criteria
– Take and pass the SAS Base Programmer exam.
– Demonstrate your understanding of your newly gained knowledge to one of our experts.

After successful completion
Participation in one of our exciting projects or assignments, in which you will work with leading companies in the life sciences industry.





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