SAS Traineeships

A traineeship is a great way to start your professional career!

What can you expect from the traineeship?

SAS iconYou will undergo a focused training program to get acquainted with SAS Software (leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market). The traineeship will focus on two separate streams: the installation and maintenance of the platform (TLM/SAM) and the data management and analysis (BI), which are explained in the mind maps below.


Please find the mind maps for both streams here.


When is the traineeship?

Traineeship iconThe traineeship for the BI program is scheduled for 2 months.

The traineeship for the TLM/SAM program is scheduled for 3 months.


The traineeship program

Program iconThe program is focused on obtaining hands-on experience in the form of case studies and requires candidates to be self-sufficient. Issues can be resolved within the team of candidates and the team will be supported by our team of SAS experts.


The graduation

Graduation iconTo successfully conclude the traineeship the candidate needs to complete the case studies and obtain the certificates identified for each stream. For the BI stream the certificates are: SAS Base and SAS Visual Analytics. For the TLM/SAM stream the certificates are: Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and SAS platform administrator.


The job

Job iconAfter the focused training you will be assigned to current or new projects at our clients. Assignments vary in length from several weeks to several months.



What do we offer?

Offer iconWe offer the required training and exposure to experienced and motivated colleagues to exchange knowledge and to ensure you are well equipped for the task. After successfully completing the required training we offer you a chance to work with leading organisations in their industry and you will receive an employment contract for an indefinite period. We provide a position with excellent conditions (28 holidays, holiday pay (8%) and participation in the company pension scheme), a promotion, salary raise and a company car. Above all that, we offer you flexible career development options and inter-disciplinary collaboration.


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