Values & Ethics

In 1984, our founder created the OCS Consulting Values and Ethics and these have not been changed since.


“We acknowledge that our success is based upon our clients’ success”
“We provide clients with the best advice”
“We always respect client confidentiality”
“We always provide our clients with the highest level of service and quality of deliverables”
“We never compromise our integrity or impartiality when dealing with our clients”


“We endeavour to get it ‘right first time’ and therefore aspire to zero defects”
“We complete assignments and honour our obligations regardless of effort or time required”
“We will not compromise a deadline”
“We recognise that our clients are paying for, and expect to receive a quality service”

Staff and Colleagues

“We are a team and must therefore be mutually supportive at all levels”
“We expect no surprises”
“We demand complete candour from all staff”
“We are all accountable for success and failure”
“We are all key to the company’s reputation”
“We employ and develop the best”

Overall Company

“We recognise and learn from our mistakes”
“We have an open door policy”
“We are financially independent of hardware/software suppliers”
“We attempt to minimise bureaucracy”
“We are professional in the way that we work, act and behave”
“We create a stimulating and flexible work environment”
“We are an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind”